He thinks he’s fine ,but he really isn’t
He’s yet to understand his heart and it’s wealth of emotions
How can it fall for someone, So hard that the wounds never heal?
How he denounces the feeling,but he’s still vulnerable?
How the feeling is still clingy and crawling,yet time flies then heals?
He craves for freedom from thoughts of her,just to numb the pain for a second
He’s dead ,but his heart is still thumping fast

He has a real heart burn, love an ocean of flames to him
He has tears held back,hoping they’ll flow in him
Extinguish his burning being,only her affection can
His flaming and sooty heart needs redemption ,She owns it’s salvation
His heart wants her back,She has a broken mirror for a heart
Reflection of the affection blurry,hard to reciprocate
He gets an emotional friction, he vows to abandon his heart
He chooses to bury it and its possessions away
He detests it, for drowning him in a love ocean
He hugs onto his pain and sorrows, kissing them to eternity….

From:Solace in writing

Special mentions: Vallentyn(mlf),Winnie(kitty),Filiserah(love),Nina(😘),Gloria(binky)



She blesses her face with humour,yet it pains to laugh
She cuddles the sun, yet it can’t iron out her wrinkles
She sleeps her nights away, trying to caress her wounds
She hides behind “I am okay”, clinging on tomorrow will be a better day just not today
She tastes deceit, loneliness sweeter becomes her hobby
She becomes a shrine, demons in her head aroused
She tows down her walls, they come tumbling down on her
She tries to reach out, her cries out of reach
She neglects herself, an attempt of running away from her

She grows fond of the graveyard, allergic to the worldly silence
She smokes cigarettes, trying to choke her lungs
She carries a handbag, knives and needles part of her makeup
She holds on to a hope, that hands her a rope
She ties the knot, suicide loves her more after all
She’s in eternal slumber, the world wakes up for her funeral
She had asked for flowers, they kissed her tombstone……

FROM:Her action was louder than her emotions and words



If wishes were to be true
Forgetting would have been my happy place
Took a cleansing plunge
Soul enticing trial to bliss
Drowned the feelings
But she’s still alive in me
Thoughts of her within
Holding me captive
Meeting her was suicidal
My own emotions
Trampled my heart
And watched as it thumped silently

Devoted to being her journal
Whatever she jotted down
Stabbed me overwhelmingly
I thought love was kind
Kind of corrosive to me now
Eating me up to my bones
Fragments of me a residue
Of a soul and body routed by affection
World turned into an ashtray
Nothing left to pick up
How to save a life
A blurry stray thought
I am heavy full of sorrows
A dumb reality
That hardly fills the void in me

From; loud thoughts,silent words



Say you love me

I’ll believe the lie

Like I’ve always done 

You were my night firmament(sky)

Shooting stars evident 

Was that even true? 

It’s all cloudy now

Promises of forever 

Empty with no depth

A fountain of deception

I drowned in you

Thorny is my soul 

Pricks with every firm grip

“Let go of her”NO!

My walls will succumb 

There’s hope of her in me
I’m suffocated by the truth

Withering in denial 

Treasure I held dearest 

Persecuted my love 

Rotten is the affection 

Awful stench is its yield

Bury the tear nourished love

Atleast logs will sprout 

Clog up the heart crevices 

The bleeding will cease

I hate your mouth

And all that comes out of it……



Dark are nights after you

How my sky frowns 

Overwhelmed by grief

Waned knight I’ve become

Crannies formed on my armor 

Chest bare, rib scaffolding crumbling

You were the walls that kept me warm

Same that familiarized me to the cold

Moved out of my life 

Hardly vacated my heart 

Was obsolete to you

A forlorn thorny island

How love changes and fades

An emotional novice 

Void with no heart

Clogged by rotten affection 

Decamped to another 

Left me stunned and drained 

My world a wreck 

Cast into eternal darkness 

Blurry are my visions 

Blinded by shreds of you 

Sculpted misery in me 

Our immortality into a pulp

Was a fool to believe in you

Huge crime it is to love

Sweet disguise of deceit 

My intuition lies to me

Great a need you are in me

You are the demise of me

I am bereaved

Can’t feel my heart beat…… 



Fervent was my love

Yours wandering astray

Tale of cuddling the sun

You surely will burn

Fired hopes all high 

Only to see the smoke 

You were the fire in me

I’m all up in flames

Burning yet not hot

Your cold nature froze me

Torched me up

Lighting my world

You were a flower in its bloom

Beauty was just a perception 

Stuck me into a realm

Soaked in dreams of you

Dried out by toxic a reality

Loving you was my religion

How I worshipped you

Turned my beautiful to scars

All fantasies into a farce

Curse the hope of you in me…….

FROM; Silent chapters read out loud. 



Did you have to love her that much?

You wouldn’t understand

She was the laugh in my tears

Does she even know how much you hurt?

She is wrapped in new warmth

You are here heart warm shivering for her

You must be a fool

Well it’s a pleasant tragedy to love

Lovely stabs,vulnerable a heart

You ought to stop the beat heart it’s corrosive

It will have to eat me up

Never will blood rust the love

I am in love with this pain you know

It’s an ugly beautiful coincidence

I am  beaten and sad

She doesn’t know that though

Does she?

From:Heart war that I’d never talk about.